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  1. In case of doubt concerning goods purchased at please in first place contact us at
  2. The bill of sale is essential to make a complaint as well as warranty card (if one issued with product).
  3. In case that return of goods to our company is necessary you do have to attach a copy of the document of purchase and original warranty card with it(if it was delivered with the product).
  4. With product there must be also attached legible notice, description of the fault/failure, unless such description was already given in e-mail (and approved by a team of Bluebird)
  5. Received complaint will be dealt with within 14 working days, and you will be informed via e-mail about decisions made.
  6. Differences arising from the individual settings of user's computer such as color, proportions, etc. can not be foundation of the complaint.
  7. The following are not subjects to warranty/complaints:
    1. natural wear of the product.
    2. mechanical damage resulting from improper use.
  8. In case of positive response to the complaint Seller agrees to:
    1. free repair,
    2. or replace the product with new - if repair is impossible or generates unreasonable costs.
  9. NOTE! INSTALLATION IN A CAR-AUDIO WORKSHOPS IS RECOMMENDED – in case of self carried installations client takes responsibility for the product and car installation. Damages arising from the self carried, improper installation WILL NOT BE REPAIRED / COMPLAINTS WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT!
  10. Any returns sent at the expense of KAWU Kotus J., A. Wozniak, SJ company will not be accepted unless other arrangements has been made.
  11. Ordering at online store constitutes acceptance of the above regulations.
  12. The complaint form can be downloaded at: