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Velcro braided 64,0mm black - roll - 25m
CODE: 85505
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Velcro braided 64,0mm black - roll - 25m
Velcro braided 64,0mm black - 1 roll - 25m * Tape width 140 mm * Special wire and cable grilles. Ideal for ordering, laying and protecting wires. Made of strong material, braided in the form of elastic mesh. You can stretch it. High endurance. The mask has the sides of Velcro, the cables do not need to be dragged by whole length, just put the cables in and connect the Velcro. With this solution you can easily lay several cables, also ended with large connectors (for example HDMI, DVI, VGA). The Velcro closure system can be used during modernization works or eg during outdoor events. Wherever there is a need for multiple extension. High abrasion resistance

Material - Polyester (PET)
Operating temperature (° C) -75 ° C to +125 ° C, short time +200 ° C Melting point (° C) - +230 ° C (a Flammability - self-extinguishing, halogen-free, low emission of smoke
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