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ATC Fuse E38 T2 Modified Standard 5A
CODE: 84122
Manufacturer: GLOSO
ATC Fuse E38 T2 Modified Standard 5A
ATC Fuse E38 T2 Modified Standard 5A.ATC fuses with modified reset are a modern solution for protecting electrical circuits. They offer advanced protection against overloads and short circuits, while allowing the circuit to be quickly and easily restored to full functionality after the failure has resolved. This makes them an ideal choice for applications where reliability and ease of use are key. Product features • Modified Reset: Built-in reset mechanism allows fuse function to be quickly and safely restored without the need to replace a component. This solution eliminates long downtimes and reduces operating costs. • Advanced Protection: Provides excellent protection against overloads and short circuits, protecting devices and electrical installations from damage. • High Durability: Made of materials with high resistance to wear and environmental factors, they guarantee long service life and reliable operation even in difficult conditions. • Easy Installation: Simple installation and intuitive operation make these fuses easy to integrate into existing electrical systems.Application Modified reset fuses are ideal for a wide range of applications including: • Industrial Electrical Systems: Protection of machines and equipment in factories and production plants. • Commercial Applications: Protection of electrical installations in office buildings, shopping centers and public facilities. • Home Applications: Safe use of electrical appliances in homes and apartments. • Renewable Energy: Protection of photovoltaic installations and other renewable energy systems. Benefits • Save Time and Money: Thanks to the modified reset function, downtime and costs associated with replacing fuses are minimized. • Increased Reliability: Increased fault protection ensures the stability and reliability of electrical systems. • Ecological Solution: Reusing fuses helps reduce electronic waste. Technical specifications in the PDF file attached above.

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