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Mini ATM Fuse E73 T3 Manual Standard 30A
CODE: 86147
Manufacturer: GLOSO
Mini ATM Fuse E73 T3 Manual Standard 30A
Mini ATM Fuse E73 T3 Manual Standard 30A. . Mini ATM fuses with manual reset are a modern solution designed to provide effective electrical protection in a compact form. With a manual reset function, these fuses offer convenience of use and long-term reliability, ideal for applications in automotive, consumer electronics and industrial environments. Main features: • Manual Reset: Enables easy and quick recovery without the need to replace the fuse, saving time and costs. • Compact Size: The Mini ATM design is ideal for applications where space is limited. • Standard mini ATM: Compatible with most standard mini ATM sockets, making them easy to integrate into existing systems. • High Durability: Made of durable materials, they ensure long service life and resistance to difficult operating conditions. • Safety: Effectively protect against damage caused by excessive currents, preventing potential failures and hazards. Application: Mini ATM fuses with manual reset are ideal for: • Cars and trucks: Protection of electrical circuits, lighting, audio systems and more. • Boats and yachts: Protection of electrical installations against overloads. • Caravans: Safe operation of power systems. • Industrial machines and devices: Protection of electronic components against damage. Technical specifications in the PDF file attached above.

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